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Matagorda Holidays

Matagorda is an eye-catching resort and it takes only a few minutes in reaching there from the Lanzarote’s beach resorts. It was not a known place before some years and now, it is one of the most explored resorts, which offers you plenty of entertainment opportunities. It boasts a wide range of restaurants, beach bars, shops, boutiques and many more other things that will catch you at first glance! It lies near Arrecife that is the capital of Lanzarote and you can explore here great fun and only true fun!

Famous Matagorda Holidays Attractions

Matagorda was once a famous fishing village that has been turned into a famous beach resort. You can go there to enjoy lovely evenings and sunbathing!  The most attractive part of the resort is its beach that lets you lay on the golden sandy beach where you can forget your entire problems of life and relax your mind. It is a small resort with outstanding natural loveliness along with untamed boundaries of landscapes. The Timanfaya is the famous National Park where you can enjoy wildlife along with its volcanic craters and stark lunar landscapes

Weather in Matagorda

Matagorda enjoys a pleasing weather and you will take pleasure in the nature’s lap here. The winter season is the most famous tourism time when you can find here a big mob. Well, the resort is ready to serve you whenever you like. Plan a tour to anytime according to your suitability.

Top Matagorda Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beach of Matagorda is only one km far from the resort. It is enough famous among the tourists and you will enjoy here perfect holidays. The beach of the resort has been awarded the Blue Flag and thus, it gains great mob per year. The high-standard hotels can be found here with ease. Some of the famous hotels include Costa Sal Apartments, Club Valena, Luz y Mar Apartments and even Playa Pocillos Apartments.
Shopping Places for Matagorda Holidays Travelers

Matagorda has numerous shops that provide the people with holiday items and other handicrafts as well. The good thing about shopping is that it’s tax free and you can buy lots of things. The Sunday market is enough famous where you can buy the leather goods, jewellery and other gift items. Have a pleasant holiday tour to Matagorda!

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