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Mombasa Holidays

Mombasa is situated in Kenya lying on the Indian Sea.  It is the second prevalent city in Kenya. It has a chief seaport and an international airport.  The city is well known as a heart of the coastal tourism trade.  Its Arabic name is Manbasa in Swahili that is called Mvita which means “Island of war”.  The city has also the head offices of Mombasa District that like mainly other districts in the Kenya.

Weather in Mombasa

Mombasa has a hot and steamy climate. Winter months are faintly warmer than summer. The quantity of rainfall depends basically on season.  April and May are the rainiest months in Mombasa, whereas in January to February the rainfall is nominal.

Top Mombasa Holidays Hotels

  • Kenya Bay Beach Hotel 
  • Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel
  • Voyager Beach Resort


Voyager Beach Resort is placed seven kilometers far of the north Mombasa city centre.  This resort’s comfortable location provides guests easy access to an enormous variety of historical, cultural attractions and sporting, with Africa’s biggest crocodile farm and the world renowned Haller Park.  The resort has three restaurants cuisine for a various variety of tastes and appetizers with four bars and snack bars.  For games fanatics the resort presents activities of water sports, table tennis, volley ball and scuba diving to safaris and wine glass bottomed ferry rides in excess of coral reefs.

Nightlife for Mombasa holidays Traveler

Mombasa has most beautiful coastal locations thus it fascinates many tourists. The city’s huge tourist’s population has caused an energetic nightlife sight to build up there. Nightclubs, bars, discos and casinos are famous in Mombasa and in the town’s faraway areas. Florida 2000 is the most admirable club and casino in Nairobi that is positioned in Mombasa’s Commerce House.  Simba Saloon is another fascinating nightspot which has not only superb nightclub but its deluxe carnivore restaurant.
Shopping Places for Mombasa Holidays Travelers
Mombasa is well recognized among tourists as a place to acquire conventional Kenyan crafts and clothing.  The city is filled of markets that have been working in the equivalent way. These markets are gorgeous as well as spaces to shop, seeing that they give guests a real taste of Mombasa life. Hand crafted timber furniture, toys, sculptures, clothes and tools can be purchased in Mombasa’s market. The most famous things are jewelry and baskets in the market that attracts the tourists.
If you want to go in the big shops of Mombasa then visit -

  • A1 Supermarket Digo Road
  • Nakumatt in Nyali or near the Likoni Ferry
  • Bawarzier Plaza near the Market
  • Nawal Center
  • City Supermarket Hailesailasi Road
  • Bestlady Supermarket Digo Road
  • Small shops all over Kenya (Kibandas)
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