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Montago Bay Holidays

Montago Bay is the well-known city and it is capital of St. James Parish. It is considered as second biggest city in Jamaica and it has the third by population. Montago Bay is becoming a famous tourist destination that is absolutely free from duty charges and thus, you can enjoy shopping here. Montago Bay city is a well-known and pleasing resort city that has plenty of attractions for you.

Famous Montago Bay Holidays Attraction

Montago Bay offers attractions, tourist locations, historical buildings and other natural parks. Rocklands Bird Sanctuary is a famous vacation spot where you can find lots of birds. Montago Bay has a lovely Montago Bay Marine Park is a big area of sea and shore situated nearby to the town of Montago Bay. This park is open to all that is divided into zones where dissimilar activities are found. Thus, Montago Bay is a perfect tourist destination for you!

Weather in Montago Bay

Montago Bay enjoys warm Caribbean climate and the warm months are July and August and the average temperature during these months is 32 degree Celsius. The coolest months are January and March and the temperature is enough low. You can enjoy better time during vacation tour.

Top Montago Bay Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Montago Bay is famous only for its nice and eye-catching sandy beaches. Tourists can relax themselves. The crystal-clear water will please you and it offers you a wide range of atmosphere. Holidays in Montago Bay draw a large array of guests of all groups. Younger guests take pleasure in the sparkling nightlife whilst families benefit from the quieter Montego Bay seashores and hotels. The famous hotels of the resort include Sandals Royal Caribbean, Coyaba Beach Resort, Sandals Montago Bay hotel and Tryall Club.

Shopping Places for Montago Bay Holidays Travelers

There are uncounted shops in Montago Bay and haggling is an art form of the resort. Montago Bay boasts various vibrant shops with reminders and hostile shops. Since the goods are duty-tax free, people can buy everything with ease. Tourists can enjoy worthwhile shopping!

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