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Mykonos Town Holidays

Mykonos Town is the most beautiful and loveliest beach resort on the whole Greek Islands and it is also known as Chora. The town is also famous for its harbor that is located on the core of a wide bay. The lovely beach resort will please you in every way and you will forget here everything lying on its golden sandy beaches. The crystal-clear blue water will satisfy you and you won’t miss it again and again. The town is also known for its four white windmills that touch the sky. Well, it is suitable family resort where you will find lots of entertainment things.

Famous Mykonos Town Holidays Attraction

With lots of fun activity, the resort of Mykonos Town is gaining popularity. It is enough quaint and picturesque that offers lovely sightseeing for its tourists. It is located in the heart of the bay that is the major attraction of the resort. The four windmills of the resort have made it different from other resorts that are located nearby the resort. Other major attractions of the resorts are the brightly painted houses of Little Venice, the harbor, museums, ancient Churches and many more other attractions.

Weather in Mykonos Town

Weather has no hassle for you and it is worth for you to visit the resort anytime. The dry hot summer season is the most visited and popular season for visitors. The island feels fresh with the breezes and the temperature doesn’t exceed more than thirty degree.

Top Mykonos Town Holidays Beaches and Hotels

There are numerous sandy beaches within the range of a few kilometers and the Ornos beach is the most popular beach in Mykonos Town. There is also found an array of hotels that offer perfect accommodation along with nice facilities. The top-notch and popular hotels in the resort are Harmony Boutique Hotel, Hermes Hotel, Vencia Hotel, Pelican Hotel, Despotiko Hotel and many more. Book any hotel now!

Shopping Places for Mykonos Town Holidays Travelers

Mykonos Town has worth shopping options for its tourists. The narrow streets of the resort have numerous small shops where you will find a wide range of goods. The famous holiday souvenirs are bright colored ceramics, embroidered linens, leather items, jewellery and soaps made from olive oil. Enjoy happy holiday tour here!

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