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Nassau is the capital and biggest city of Bahamas that is also famous not only as a big commercial centre but also as a tourist centre. Whether you come to the city for any purpose, you will find it a best city that has everything for you. It is located on the northeast coast of New Providence Island. When you reach to the city of Nassau, you will find many more odds of watching the historical signs, old forts, and some lovely grand hotels that will let you see the glimpses of their traditional and cultural lives.

Famous Nassau Holidays Attraction

Nassau has a rich treasure of numerous attractions for tourists. It offers you plenty of attractions that are related to culture, war, civilization and historical events. It would be really shame for you, if you don’t see the Ardastra Gardens, zoo and conservation center, Balcony House, Downtown and Bay Street, Atlantis Hotel Aquarium and other attractions that have made the city popular in all over the world. Apart from these things, the city also boasts of Junkanoo that is an energetic and vibrant parade of people who sing, dance on the sound of cowbells, drums and whistles.

Weather in Nassau

Nassau enjoys a tropical climate and that’s why you will feel comfortable here in any weather. During summer season, the temperature ranges between 30 and 33 degree Celsius and in winter season; it is always below 10 degree Celsius.

Top Nassau Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Nassau boasts lovely beaches that are packed with pine and palm trees and you will relax there. Since Nassau is famous as a commercial city, you will find numerous hotels here that offer you top-notch facilities that will take care of you in a better way. Some of the famous hotels of Nassau are Sheraton cable Beach Resort Hotel, Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort and many more.

Shopping Places In Nassau

Being a famous commercial and tourist centre, Nassau has plenty of options for you to enjoy shopping here. You can buy here perfumes, electronic items and other gifts to carry them with you to your home. Have a lovely holiday tour to Nassau!

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