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Ocho Rios Holidays

Ocho Rios is a city on northern coastline of Jamaica, situated in the Parish of Saint Ann. The resort of Ocho Rios is a popular tourist place among the family and honeymoon couples. This tourist destination is famous for scuba diving and many more other water sports. With a normal populace of 96,000, the resort of Ocho Rios is a fast growing town as a holiday spot located in the Caribbean. Well, it was known as a fishing village and now it is famous tourist location, as well as popular stop for sail ships going into the Caribbean.

Famous Ocho Rios Holidays Attraction

Ocho Rios has plenty of attractions that will win your heart. There are plenty of natural and historical attractions of the area. The beaches of the town allow tourists to enjoy sunbathing, as well as climbing up waterfalls and other water sports. The nearby landscape at Ocho Rios is flourishing and steamy, with fern-clad crags and magnificent cascades, and a self-drive trip of the province to seize in the surroundings. Ocho Rios is a city devoted to fun and sun, a junction of enjoyment and holiday chock-full of surprises and joys in the centre of Jamaica’s break wonderland.

Weather in Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios enjoys nice and beautiful weather all year long. The temperature is always equal throughout the year. The humid evenings builds it potential to enjoy the seashore at night. Ocho Rios doesn’t enjoy rainy season and the area of the resort is covered with lovely landscapes.

Top Ocho Rios Holidays Beaches and Hotels
Ocho Rios has a white sandy and pleasing beach that will catch your attention. You can enjoy a lot more activities at the sandy beach that is covered with the pine trees. Moreover, the resort of Ocho Rios has numerous hotels too and they include Jamaica Inn, Royal Plantation, Couples Tower Isle, Couples Sans Souci, Goldeneye Resort and many more. You will find all of these hotels jam-packed with high-end facilities that will let you feel as if you were in your home.

Shopping Places for Ocho Rios Holidays Travelers

The resort of Ocho Rios has numerous shopping malls and other shops as well. These shops offer all the holiday essentials along with several other gift items. Don’t miss shopping here!

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