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Painno di Sorrento Holidays

Painno di Sorrento is one of the most popular holiday resorts and it is gaining more and more name and fame for its lovely and eye-catching landscapes. The place takes care of your all needs in a better way and thus, you won’t feel any hassle when you come to the resort. In fact, it is commune in the province of Naples in the Italian region and it’s located about 25 km southeast of Naples. It was famous as a village before some years and now, it is gaining more and more popularity as a family resort!

Famous Painno di Sorrento Holidays Attraction

The resort of s Painno di Sorrento has plenty of attractions for you. You can seek pleasure through these attractions that can make your holidays perfect and outstanding. The popular attractions of the resort are water sports, water parks, several museums and other historical and other archeological buildings. These famous attractions can remove your tensions as you feel different experiences here!

Weather in Painno di Sorrento

Weather and climate of the resort of Painno di Sorrento is cool and charming. You can enjoy amazing holidays here as the temperature doesn’t go beyond twenty degree Celsius. Well, plan your holidays in any season that you feel better!

Top Painno di Sorrento Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Painno di Sorrento has worth hotels and beach options that are the necessary parts of any beach resort. Well, the resort has nice and lovely beaches that are loaded with green trees and palm trees. Thus, you should not think what to do here! In fact, you can stay at good and luxury hotels that offer you rocking and world-class facilities. The popular hotels in Painno di Sorrento are Casa Rachele B&B, La Maison de Titty, Villa Romano and many more.

Shopping Places for Painno di Sorrento Holidays Travelers

Painno di Sorrento has a wide range of shopping options. You will find here several small shops that deal in leather goods, embroidered goods, handicraft items and other items. Don’t neglect shopping here as it will bring you great fun!


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