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Pattaya Holidays

Pattaya is a self governing city of Thailand that is rocking the world of tourism. It is situated on the east seashore of the Gulf of Thailand that is nearly 165 km far from the city of Bangkok. It is a famous city for its amazing nightlife, activities, life-style, events and festivals and creative arts. You will find it a worth place to visit!

Famous Pattaya Holidays Attractions

Pattaya has a big array of attractions for you. It is quite famous worldwide for its outstanding nightlife. It also has plenty of daytime attraction points to enjoy. Some of its attractions are Wanasin Farm, Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Crocodile Farm, Elephant Village, Monkey Training and Cobra Show, Miniature Racetrack that is known as Go-Kart, Pattaya Park and many more. You can also go to Lakeland water Cable Ski that is located in Sukhumvit that is only 5 kilometers away from Pattaya.

Weather in Pattaya

The weather of Pattaya is something hot throughout year. The average temperature throughout the year is about 29 degree Celsius and thus, you won’t feel discomfort even when you visit Pattaya during summer season. March, April and May are the hottest months while the winter starts from November and ends in February. The rainy season can be enjoyed during June to October. You can plan your tour according to your suitability.

Top Pattaya Holidays Hotel & Beaches

Pattaya is a famous beach resort where you can find the lots of hotels according to your budget. The top-notch and luxury hotels in Pattaya are Rabbit Resort, Le Prive Pattaya, Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Baboona BeachResort Living and Dusit Resort Pattaya. The Pattaya also offers some beautiful beaches including Pattaya Neau, Middle Pattaya beach, South Pattaya beach, JomtienBeach and so on.

Shopping Places for Pattaya Holidays Travelers

Pattaya boasts its various shopping places that allow people to buy everything. Basically, the market of Pattaya are famous for football shirts, surf shorts, bikinis, flick-knives, ethnic crafts, Buddha statues, rude T-shirts, hardcore porn DVDs, stun guns, and even samurai swords. These markets are scattered throughout the city so that you can easily buy anything. Enjoy shopping in Pattaya!

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