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Playa Blanca Holidays

Playa Blanca is situated on the southern tip of Lanzarote and it is a famous hub of wonderful activities. It is a tourism purpose built resort that gains more and more visitors per year. It was originally a fishing village and now, it is gaining more and more fame in form a lovely beach resort. There are numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, discos, shops that deal in various local and handicrafts items. Holidays in the lovely resort offer calmer mood than other neighboring resorts.

Famous Playa Blanca Holidays Attractions

The beach of the resort are enough famous among the visitors who want to enjoy their holidays in a stunning way. Timanfaya National Park is the landmark of the resort and you must not miss the resort when you are in Playa Blanca. You can make a day trip of the resort that is enough easy as the resort is quite tiny. Don’t miss the chance of visiting a lovely resort!

Weather in Playa Blanca

Weather is normal here; however the resort enjoys a warm weather in summer season and quite chilly evenings during winter season. The best time to visit the resort starts from October and ends in April. Still, Playa Blanca welcomes you throughout the year!

Top Playa Blanca Holiday Beaches and Hotels

Playa Blanca boasts a lovely beach resort that is good enough and offers you a lot of entertainment activities here. If you want to relax your mind along with your body, Playa Blanca’s beaches are ready to help you. The central beach of Playa Blanca is known as the White Beach and you can easily reach there. The hotels can be found easily on the land of Playa Blanca and the most famous include Jardines del Sol, H10 Rubicon Palace, Sandos Papagayo Arena Beach Resort and Hipotels Natura Garden and many more.

Shopping Places for Playa Blanca Holidays Travelers

Playa Blanca is a tiny but beautiful resort that doesn’t disappoint you to enjoy shopping. There are numerous small shops in Playa Blanca that offer you a wide range of holiday’s goods and gifts. You can also enjoy the handicraft items from a craft market that is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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