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Playa De La Arena Holidays

The beautiful resort of Playa De La Arena is located on the southwest coastline of Tenerife. It is only 40 minutes far from the airport and it is quite near to Los Gigantes and if you wish, you can explore both of the resorts.  It is much explored and appreciated resort by the families and honeymoon couples. The silent beauty of the beach gains the attention of the visitors very much. It has wonderful views that have covered the resort in a pleasing way. Though it is a lovely beach resort, it is not for you, if you are unable to move by foot.

Famous Playa De La Arena Holidays Attraction

The black sandy beach has made the resort of Playa De La Arena famous on global arena! The beach has been awarded the European Blue Flag for its sanitation conditions. The resort is packed with numerous bars, restaurants, and shops so that you don’t feel any problem here. The harbor is another major attraction for visitors who visit Playa De La Arena. You can also make boat trips from Los Gigantes to Playa De La Arena and it will be a fun and enjoyable deed for you.

Weather in Playa De La Arena

Climate is comfortable here. Though the months of May and June enjoy warm air with humidity, however, you will enjoy every season here. The most visited months start from October and end in April. Visit the resort anytime as it is always ready to welcome you!

Top Playa De La Arena Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The black sandy beach of Playa De La Arena has rocked the world of tourism and it is the main attraction of the resort that has made it famous in all over the world. Well, there is no lack of accommodation options here. It is easy to find apartments, villas and hotels to stay in, as the resort has numerous hotels for you. Villas with pool will make your travel outstanding!

Shopping Places for Playa De La Arena Holidays Travelers

There are numerous shops that offer holiday essentials along with gift items for those who come to the resort to spend a few happy days. Since there is no option of duty tax, tourists can buy perfume, handicrafts, cameras, and other electronic goods. Have a wonderful vacation to Playa De La Arena!

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