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Playa De Las Americas Holidays

Lying on the south coastline of Tenerife, the famous and lovely resort of Playa De las Americas is enough famous for among visitors. It is located near the Reina Sofia airport and you can reach to the resort within a few minutes. The holidays in Playa De Las Americas will be the outstanding vacation and you can’t forget the enjoyed days here in a day or two! With a wide range of sandy beaches and numerous water sports, the resort of Playa De las Americas is rocking the world of tourism! The nightlife of the resort is really beyond of imagination and you will really love it!

Famous Playa De Las Americas Attractions

There are plenty of attractions in Playa De Las Americas and these attractions are quite famous among the tourists to ensure them for enjoyed some splendid days there. Since it is a purpose built resort, you don’t find here any lack that creates hurdle in your enjoyment. It has nearly six seashores that are packed with natural beauty and black volcanic sand that is the attraction of the place. A mini train runs along Playa De Las Americas that will show you the whole resort at a glance. Don’t miss catching these moments in your camera!

Weather in Playa De Las Americas

The climate and weather of Playa De Las Americas is cool and charming. It will let you feel comfortable in any season when you plan to visit the resort. It is a year round tourist destination that has hot summer season and warm winters.

Top Playa De Las Americas Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Playa De Las Americas boasts about six beaches that are covered with black sands. These volcanic beaches are top attractions! There are plenty of hotels that offer you all required facilities. The most popular hotels include Hotel Sir Anthony, Sunwing Resort Fanabe, Marylanza Golf Resort and Spring Hotel Bitacora. Thus, you will face no problem here!

Shopping Places for Playa De Las Americas Holidays Travelers

Playa De Las Americas has numerous shops that deal in various gifts, leather goods and many other things. The resort of Playa de las Americas has an enormous number of shops, such as boutiques and fashionable pipes. There are held two local markets on Thursdays and Saturdays where you can buy everything!

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