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Playa Del lngles Holidays

Playa Del lngles located on Gran Canaria's biggest resort that is worldwide famous for its innocent beaches that are packed with pine trees. If you are looking for an ideal resort, you don't need to go anywhere as the resort of Playa Del lngles is waiting for you to offer you whatever you like! Well, there is no mountain in the resort of Playa Del lngles And it is an easy place that can be easily explored in a day. You can also go to nearest places by bus or personal cabs that are available here with ease.

Famous Playa Del lngles Holidays Attractions

Playa Del lngles offers plenty of attractions for you. Here you will find numerous water parks, aquariums, night clubs, bars, restaurants and even nightlife. You will love the resort, though it has no more charming attractions for you. The beach of Playa Del Ingles is packed with pine trees that will fill your heart with soft feelings!

Weather in Playa Del Ingles
Playa Del lngles enjoys a warm and humid summer season along with separate winter season. The sun shines very high during the months of April to June and if you want to enjoy rainy season at beach resort, you can go there during July and August. However, the visiting season starts here from October and ends in April. In fact, the resort of playa Del Ingles is open to everyone throughout the year!

Top Playa Del Ingles Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The resort of Playa Del Ingles enjoys a worldwide famous beach that is awarded as the EU’s Blue Flag award that is nearly 3 km long. Here you can enjoy sunbathing and wandering at sandy beach! Well, the resort also has many more hotels including Escorial, IFA Catarina, Hotel Riu Palmeras, Riu Waikiki and many more. Book your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places for Playa Del Ingles Holidays Travelers

Playa Del Ingles is a worth place to enjoy shopping here. If you can do good bargaining, you can buy many more items to take them back with you. Well, the resort has everything for you from leather goods to jewellery. Buy whatever you like!

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