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Playa Paraiso Holidays

If you are interested in visiting a stunning beach resort, Playa Paraiso is a beautiful place for you. It is located on the west coast of Tenerife and it is sandwiched by Playa De Las Americas and Callao Savaje resorts. It is eco-friendly resort that has been built around a lovely profound rocky inlet. It is also known as the Paradise Beach resort due to its lovely picturesque position. In fact, here is also a salt water lido in the centre of the resort.

Famous Playa Paraiso Holidays Attraction

Since it is mainly built for tourism purpose, it has a wide range of accommodation options. These accommodation options are packed with all required facilities and thus, you won’t feel any hassle here. Among the major attractions of the resort is Siam Park that you can visit. Here, you will find numerous animals and birds. Just catch them in your camera to watch them over and again. Loro Park is also another famous attraction of Playa Paraiso.

Weather in Playa Paraiso

Playa Paraiso is open to visit as it has cool and charming weather. Though there is occasional rain and thus, you can make your holiday trip to resort without caring for atmosphere.

Top Playa Paraiso Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Playa Paraiso is a purpose built resort and thus, it boasts lovely beaches that are covered with pine and palm trees. You can enjoy spa facilities near the sandy beaches. The hotels offer a wide range of facilities for the visitors; the popular hotels offer high standard rooms along with warm treatment.

Shopping Places for Playa Paraiso Holidays Travelers

There are various shops in Playa Paraiso and you can enjoy shopping as per your wishes. The shops deal in perfumes, leather goods, electronic goods and other handicrafts. Buy them to carry them as the memories of the place. Don’t miss shopping that is just a pleasing deed for you. Enjoy a rocking tour to the resort.

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