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Playa Taurito Holidays

Playa Taurito is mainly built for tourism purpose and it has earned a big name and fame in all over the world. It stands close to Puerto Rico on the southern coastline of Gran Canaria. It is an excellent and lovely beach resort that is also famous as sandy beach and supports a big swimming pool that is open to the tourists just for a light fee. The whole resort is covered by small shops that offer many more local and handicrafts items for you. You will enjoy lovely and lazy days on the beach along with a selection of sporting activities that will catch your attention with ease!

Famous Playa Taurito Holidays Attractions

The purpose built resort is covered by cliffs and it stands quite near at a man-made beach of dark sand that is the main attraction of the resort. A big public swimming pool is the major attraction of the resort that even looks like a small lake. It gains the attention of children as well as people. It is quite attractive and the palms and flowers have made it worthwhile. Plan a tour to the lovely resort of Playa Taurito that has everything for you.

Weather in Playa Taurito

The climate of Playa Taurito is cool and you will enjoy it very much! Well, the winter season is good to enjoy enough and the summer season will let you enjoy the breezing evenings at the sandy beach. When you come to the resort during the winter season, you will need to wear a jacket while moving in the resort!

Top Playa Taurito Beaches and Hotels

 Mainly for the newly married couples and families, the sandy beach of Playa Taurito welcomes you every time. It is rarely crowded and thus, you can find a silent place to enjoy some personal moments with your lover or spouse. Well, the hotels in the Playa Taurito offer you good accommodation facilities without disturbing your budget!

Shopping Places for Playa Taurito Holidays Travelers

Playa Taurito shopping is restricted to supermarkets that offers essentials and gifts for the guests. Here the Centro Civico has a wide range of shops and boutiques where you can buy ceramics, wood cravings, jewellery, embroidered linens and other handmade items. Enjoy shopping in Playa Taurito!

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