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Poovar Holidays

Poovar is truly a fun and family resort that is packed with lovely natural landscapes that will catch your attention with ease. It is a popular resort for its natural wonders including lake, rivers, sea and beaches. You will find it the “paradise Beach Resort’ that offers you lots of fun activities. In fact, you will find it unspoilt, unexplored and a dream golden sandy beach resort.

Famous Poovar Holidays Attraction

Poovar has lots of holiday attractions that will make your holidays more and more entertaining. You will find it an excellent place that has plenty of natural as well as historical attractions. You can visit the monuments, churches, and other historical places that tell the sage of ancient and glorious Indian culture and tradition.

Weather in Poovar

Weather is fine and charming here. You can enjoy here summer, winter and rainy season. The weather of the resort may be a bit hotter during summer season; however, evenings are always cool here. Though summer season is enough popular here, you can also visit the resort anytime in a year.

Top Poovar Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Poovar beach is located quite near to Kovalam beach and thus, you have ample chances to visit the nearby resorts. It is basically a fishing village that is known for its pristine and virginal beauty. You can also enjoy various water sports including jet skiing, paragliding and other water sports. The hotels of the resort offer good facilities with worth accommodation. The most famous hotels in the resort include Estuary Island Hotel Poovar, Isola Di Cocco Beach Resort and other bed and breakfast options.

Shopping Places for Poovar Holidays Travelers

Poovar is a worth place to enjoy shopping; you can buy here local items, holiday essentials and other gift items as well. If you are willing to buy something to keep as memories of the place, you can buy embroidered linens, leather goods, jewellery and other items. Have a pleasing holiday tour to Poovar!

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