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Port El Kantaoui Holidays

Port El Kantaoui is a famous visiting place in Tunisia and if you are on a tour of Tunisia, you must not leave Port El Kantaoui to visit. It is located just 10 km far from Sousse that is also another tourist destination of Tunisia. The city is a perfect place to visit as it offers a modern and stylish marine for 300 boats, sporting activities including water skiing and a lot more. The resort is built in Andalucian-Moorish style and thus, it looks quite attractive and attracts the local as well as the international tourists.

Famous Port El Kantaoui Holidays Attractions

People go to any place to enjoy as well as to see the most famous visiting spots of the city. Port El Kantaoui also offers a wide range of attractions for you and you can enjoy a rocking tour to the city. The beautiful beach is what relaxes not only your body but also your mind. Aqua Palace, Parc Oasis Zoo and Botinical Park are the landmarks of the city where you must visit. Apart from these places, you can also visit the local market of the city to see different things there.

Weather in Port El Kantaoui

The weather of the city of Port El Kantaoui is not cool throughout the year. Since the temperature can go beyond 35 degree Celsius during summer season, you can’t go out in daytime. The nights are cool rather than daytime! You can plan a tour during winter season that lasts from October till March. Well, it also depends on you which season you prefer to visit the place!

TopPort El KantaouiHolidaysBeaches and Hotels

Port El Kantaoui offers an array of hotels for you where you can enjoy some splendid days. The most popular hotels in the city include Hotel Kanta, Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, Eldorador Seabel Alhambra, Occidental Allegro Riviria and manyu more. You can also explore great fun at the beach of the city!

Shopping Places for Port El Kantaoui Holidays Travelers

Port El Kantaoui won’t disappoint you, if you are crazy for shopping. You can buy a lot more handmade and brand items from the markets. The Medina area is famous for local things and you can buy them to bring back to your home.

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