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Portinatx Holidays

With lovely three beaches, the resort of Portinatx is just ready to be explored by the visitors every time! It is just 10 minutes far from San Juan and you will find it a rocking holiday resort. It is a famous honeymoon, family and friend resort that offers everything for everyone without any consideration of age! Portinatx is a small but famous stop that welcomes the visitors throughout the year. It offers crystal-clear water, rocky coastline and white sandy beaches.

Famous Portinatx Holiday Attractions

Located on the north side the island of Ibiza Town, the resort of Portinatx is a pleasant intact and lovely resort. A game centre with pool tables and ten pin bowling is the major attraction of the town. There are two famous water-parks nearby Portinatx and it takes only a few minutes in reaching there. The nightlife of the resort is also the famous holiday attractions for those who love to enjoy their fabulous time in playing cards and other casino games. Don’t miss such a lovely and fantastic tour to Portinatx!

Weather in Portinatx

 Since the Portinatx is located nearly Ibiza Town, it also enjoys a pleasing weather and climate. The visitors can visit the town anytime and summer season allows them to enjoy swimming and other water activities. On the other hand, winters are really good to dig up fun here!

Top Portinatx Holiday Beaches And Hotels

There are plenty of beaches that can be explored by you… the loveliest and visited beaches are S’Arenal Gros located in the Bay across from the leading Coach Park, tiny S’Arenal Petit, and Playa Porto Beach. If you are looking for beach hotels, you can find various options here. The famous and top-notch hotels in the resort of Portinatx are Club Hotel Portinatx, La Ciguena, Es Puet Blanc, Apartments Del Rey and many more. Book your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places for Grenada Holidays Travelers

Shopping in Portinatx will be really outstanding and you can buy various local items to take them back with you…

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