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Porto Colom Holidays

The vicinity of Majorca enjoys many more outstanding resorts and Porto Colom is one of them, which is not only famous in the country but also in the whole world. It is connected with the main beach of Marcel that is only 500m far from the resort. The tourists can reach their within 10 minutes. During summer season, you can enjoy a pleasing morning wandering on the sandy beach with a cup of tea. The beach is covered with lovely pine trees that add more and more beauty to the resort!

Famous Porto Colom Holidays Attractions

There is a tiny cove of S’Algar just 500 meters far from the resort of Porto Colom. You reach their by foot. The beach of Cala Sa Nau is located quite near the resort and it has become a popular place for those who visit Porto Colom. In fact, a holiday in Porto Colom is really lovely for you and you will feel a different experience there. The beach and rocking nightlife is what will make your journey worthwhile.

Weather in Porto Colom

Porto Colom enjoys a warm weather and it becomes hot to hotter during the months of July and August. The worth season to plan holiday tour is from August to November. In fact, you can even enjoy rainy season this time and you will need to wear any woolen cloth in evening. The summer temperature seldom goes down 0 degree Celsius and the winter temperature rarely falls below 10 degree Celsius.

Top Porto Colom Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Porto Colom has outstanding beaches and hotels for you where you can stay to enjoy a worth holiday tour. The famous hotels are Cala Marcel, Hostal Belsana, Estoril, Son Josep De Baix, Portomar Apartments, Ola Aparthotel Cecilia and many more. You are freely to enjoy water sports at its lovely beach and some other beaches that are near to the place.

Shopping Places for Porto Colom Holidays Travelers

Porto Colom offers a sophisticated market for you. You can buy the jewellery, leather items and other local items from there. The weekly market is good for you, if you buy special things as gifts for your relatives!

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