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Portoroz Holidays

Portoroz stands for “Port Of Roses”. It is a coastal city in Slovenia and it is well-known as the major tourist destination in the country. It is situated close by the coastal municipality of Piran, situated in the southeast of the Gulf of Trieste between the precincts of Italy to the north and Croatia to the south. Portoroz is famous worldwide for having numerous casinos and sporting amenities. It has become a famous visiting spot as far back as the 13th century. Now, it is gaining more and more popularity as for its commercial and tourism purposes. It also arranges various national and international conferences, exhibition and trade-fairs and thus, the city gains the visitors throughout the year.

Famous Portoroz Holidays Attraction

When you reach to Portoroz, it offers you a lot more spots to enjoy as per your wish and capacity! Arco di Ricoardo is the quite near to Portoroz and you can visit the spot to see the historical building. Once you visit the city, you can visit the famous museums, Aquarium Portoroz, national parks, Cathedral and a lot more. You can also visit the nearby seashore to enjoy sunny days.

Weather in Portoroz

The average temperature in Portoroz ranges from 33 degree Celsius to 3 degree Celsius. Thus, it is a worth place where you can plan your holidays along with your family or friends. The city won’t create any hassle in your enjoyment as its weather is cool and pleasant every time.

TopPortorozHolidaysBeaches and Hotels

The famous city of Portoroz offers an array of hotels ranging from high standard to mid-range lodges. The most popular hotels of the city include grand Hotel Palace, Hotel Mirna, Marita Hotel, Grand Hotel Portoroz, Hotel Marko, Hotel and Restaurant Tomi and many more. It also has the most sought after beach where you can sit and enjoy sunny days.

Shopping Places for Portoroz Holidays Travelers

There are plenty of shopping malls and markets that offer you everything you need. Portoroz mercato is a place where you can buy cooking items. It will satisfy your lure of shopping to a great extend!

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