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Psalidi Holidays

Psalidi is a superb and lovely beach town that is situated only 3 km to the east on the northern coastline of Kos Town. It is a modern and stylish resort that offers you al kinds of facilities from accommodation to nightlife to spend few days in luxurious way. The sandy and shingle beach is covered with golden sand where you can enjoy water sports along with your family and friends. Well, it is a most visited resort by the families as well as honeymoon couples.

Famous Psalidi Holidays Attraction

Psalidi is not only famous for its location but also for numerous attractions that it offers for its visitors. Though it is silent beach resort, it will not suit to you if you go there with your small kids. The shingle and pebbled beaches are the top-notch attraction of the place where you can enjoy wonderful sun days. There are also ruined historical buildings in Kos Town and you can see the architectural work of these buildings that are really ultimate. There is also a small water park that offers fun to visitors with a wide range of slides and flumes.

Weather in Psalidi

Don’t worry for weather as it is always cool here. The most famous time to take a tour to Psalidi starts from April and it ends in October. The annual temperature moves between 20 and 30 degree Celsius.

Top Psalidi Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Psalidi has wonderful beaches that are covered with pine trees, olive trees, lemon trees and some other trees. These trees have made it a natural place where you can get peace of mind. You can enjoy worthwhile water sports at its sandy and shingle beaches. You will find here a wide range of hotels to stay there. Well, the most popular hotels in Psalidi are Hotel Iris, Oceanis Beach Resort, Grecotel Kos Imperial Hotel, Continental Palace, Hotel Natura Park Village and many more.

Shopping Places for Psalidi Holidays Travelers

Psalidi shopping is not available at a big scope and you will find here small shops that deal in gifts and holiday essentials. You will also find here exclusive boutiques and gift shops that are always appreciated by the travelers. Don’t forget to shop here reminders!

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