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Puerto Pollensa Holidays

Puerto Pollensa is located in the northeast of the famous island of Majorca and it is a quite popular and lovely resort the lies under the dramatic Tramunta Mountains around a protected bay that has the shape like a horse shoe. It is enough famous among the tourists who are looking for a different beach resort. It offers you white sandy beaches with warm water to enjoy several water activities. The place is worth to relax your body and mind as well.

Famous Puerto Pollensa Holidays Attractions

Puerto Pollensa has many more attractions for its guests and one of the popular cultural attractions located in the northwest of the island is the Cypress tree lined Calvari steps that is quite near to the ancient Calvari Church. When you are in the lovely resort, there is no meaning to miss the chance of enjoying the yearly festivals of the resort. You will enjoy a different cultural atmosphere there!

Weather in Puerto Pollensa

Well, the weather is hot during summer season; however the evenings are lovely to visit on the sandy beaches. The apt time to plan a holiday to the resort starts from the month of November and ends in April. You can visit during this season, when the light evening will allow you to wear a jacket!

Top Puerto Pollensa Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beaches of the Puerto Pollensa are worth for children and grown-people as well. There are numerous beach facilities and water sports that you can enjoy. The nice scene of blue water will satisfy your eyes! The landmark of the resort is Illa D’Or hotel that offers you everything. You can also discover many more sophisticated hotels there.

Shopping Places for Puerto Pollensa Holidays Travelers

There are a wide range of shops offering local and holiday essentials for you. If you are crazy for shopping and can make a good bargain, the resort will stop you nowhere! Buy whatever you like and carry them with you to your home!

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