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Puerto de la Cruz Holidays

Puerto de la Cruz is situated on the north side of Tenerife in the Orotava valley. The beautiful resort is famous among the tourists in all over the world and it is also famous for its green fields, lovely flowers and trees as well. The resort is an opened place for enjoying as per your capacity the whole year. You will face no hassle here whether you come to the resort to enjoy your honeymoon or vacation tour.

Famous Puerto de la Cruz Holidays Attraction

Lying in the fertile north of the island, the resort of Puerto de la Cruz is famous among the tourists as a perfect place for health purposes. It is considered as a safe and sound place to visit where you can feel drastic changes in your health. Pavement cafes and tiny restaurants are enough famous here. The old buildings are lightening up at night and add more charm to the atmosphere. The area has many colorful blossoming bushes here that will fill your heart with love.

Weather in Puerto de la Cruz

Weather is charming in the lovely resort of Puerto de la Cruz and you will enjoy it. It has hot and humid summer season while winter season is warm here. You will really enjoy the weather here. Rainy season is rarely found and thus, you can go to Puerto de la Cruz anytime.

Top Puerto de la Cruz Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Puerto de la Cruz attracts the visitors with its lovely beaches. These beaches allow you enjoy numerous water sports including water surfing, jet skiing and lots of. The resort has plenty of accommodation options for you. The popular hotels in the area include Hotel Tigaiga, Puerto Palace Hotel, Don Manolito Hotel, Gran Hotel El Tope, Bahia Principe San Felipe and many more.

Shopping Places for Puerto de la Cruz Holidays Travelers

Shopping is a fun and time pass work here. The Saturday markets allow you to buy whatever you like as the market deal in handicrafts, leather goods, gift items and many more holiday essentials. Don’t forget shopping here that will add charm to your vacation trip.

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