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Riccione Holidays

The tiny, sparkling and attractive resort of Riccione is located on the Adriatic Coastline and it is known as The Green Pearl of the Adriatico. With its innocent natural beauty and lovely beaches, it boasts an elegant and lovely shopping place for those who are looking for a good place to enjoy holidays in their own style and way. If you plan your holidays to Riccione, you will find everything here as it is the dreamland for everyone!

Famous Riccione Holidays Attraction

Riccione is a good place if you are in need of true fun through nature. It has lots of attractions, such as theatre, philatelic exhibitions, and art exhibitions along with traditional fun activities. It also pleases its visitors with its nice and eye-catching beaches that are packed with golden sand. Don’t forget to visit the museums and other historical places that are awaiting you...

Weather in Riccione

Riccione is the land of lovely and nice weather. You can enjoy pleasing holidays here. The loveliest weather to visit the resort is summer season when you will find the beaches crowded. However, it is ready to welcome you in any season you like most!

Top Riccione Holidays Beaches and Hotels

If you want to gain the peace of mind and relax your body, you need to lie down on the sandy beaches of Riccione that are rocking the world of tourism for their innocent beauty. Beaches have made the resort popular in the whole world and thus, people like to visit here over and again. The resort is also jam-packed with hotels and the most popular hotels of the resort include Hotel Rex, Hotel Dory, Hotel Belvedere, Hotel Adlon, Hotel Corallo and many more.

Shopping Places for Riccione Holidays Travelers

Well, Riccione offers you worth shopping options through its small shops that are available in the whole resort. You can find here local items and holiday essential through these shops. In fact, you can also buy something special to keep as memory of the spot!


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