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Roda Holidays

Roda is a small and lovely family resort in Greece that has gained great popularity among the visitors. Mostly British people like to explore at this lovely beach because it is full of natural beauty, love and fun as well. The eye catching beach resort has a wonderful and super ‘cove’ type sandy beach that attracts the visitors very much. It was once a fishing village and now, it has been turned into a stunning and busy beach resort. Though the town has become a modern resort, you can still view the traditional life here that its people are enjoying.

Famous Roda Holidays Attraction    

The simple and traditional way of living is the major attraction for tourists that force them to enjoy this cultural and peaceful life. Roda has natural landscapes to catch your attention and you will love them. Its cove type beach is also another pleasing attention that catches the attention of people very much. There are various types of water sports that you can enjoy along with your children to rock the world of fun.

Weather in Roda

Weather is normal in Roda. The summer season is a bit hot while winter season is good to explore fun. The best time to visit the resort starts from November and ends in April. You can also plan your holidays during rainy season that has something different weather this time.

Top Roda Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Roda offers a real-life for its visitors to enjoy in a simple way. It has a wide range of hotels to provide you with comfy accommodations. The major and high standard hotels in Roda include Roda Oasis Hotel & Apartment, Robolla Beach, Afrodite Hotel, Roda Inn Corfu and many more. Its lovely cove styled beach has made Roda one of the most famous beach resorts in Greece.

Shopping Places in Roda     

Though Roda is a small tourist destination, it has numerous wonderful shopping options for you. You will find here a wide range of shops scattered in the whole resort that will let you buy local and gift items. Enjoy shopping!
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