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Sani Holidays

In Greece, Sani is a nice and idiosyncratic northern seashore resort in Halkidiki located on the westernmost point of Kassandra cape overlooking Mount Olympus. Sani resort is a perfect for those who want to explore entertainment from their petite breaks and it is only 100km far from the airport of Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki. It is considered as the best destination for those who looking for cultural and ‘sun & fun’ day.

Famous Sani Holidays Attractions

The town of Sani is famous as an ancient city and thus, it offers numerous historical building for you to visit there. You can go to watch the Art Gallery and you can explore fun in the frolics of the well-known Sani festival. Delicious cuisines are also the major attractions for the tourists and they will enjoy this place. There are also three Blue Flag awarded beaches where you can explore great fun.

Weather in Sani

Sani enjoys tropical climate and thus, the atmosphere of the resort is cool and calm throughout the year. The worthwhile weather in the resort is summer and thus, it allows you to visit the resort in any season you like very much.

Top Sani Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Sani boasts lovely three beaches that are full of awesome views. The special thing about these beaches is that they are offered EU Blue Flag award and thus, you can enjoy rocking holidays there. There are many more hotels in the resort of Sani and you can book a room for you in advance. It is enough simple to book a room in famous Sani Beach Hotel that offers all amenities for you.

Shopping Places For Sani Holidays Travelers

Well, if you love to enjoy shopping, Sani offers lots of opportunities for you. You can easily buy here several holiday essentials, leather goods and other items that you can keep as memories of the place. Dont forget enjoying shopping here!

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