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Santa Ponsa Holidays

Being a famous and beautiful Santa Ponsa resort is rocking the world of tourism. It is situated on the southwest coastline of Majorca. Once it was mainly a fishing village and n now, it has become a famous visiting resort. Within last few years, it is gaining more and more visitors that come to the resort to enjoy its lovely sandy beaches along with natural beauty of the resort. In fact, the famous beach resort is only twelve miles far from the famous Palma resort and it takes a few minutes in reaching there through airways.

Famous Santa Ponsa Holidays Attractions

 Since it is located to the west of Palma, Santa Ponsa has become a busy tourist resort. Its sandy and golden beaches create excitement among the visitors and this is why, the resort is full filled with visitors during peak season. There is even a small beach in Santa Ponsa that is safe and sound for bathing and to enjoy numerous water activities. You can even find here diving school that will teach you how to dive into the deep sea. Auquland, the famous water park is the most popular attraction of the resort. Other attractions include Golf Fantasia, big mini-golf compound with three detach courses set in astonishing steamy gardens with cascades and caves as well.

Weather In Santa Ponsa

There can be enjoyed three types of weather here including summer, winter and rainy. The resort is open to every visitor throughout the year and it depends on you which season you prefer to go. The tourism season starts here from November to April when you can lie back under to sunrays and enjoy lovely days!

Top Santa Ponsa Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The resort offers you good accommodation facilities and you can select any good hotel to stay there. The sandy and golden beach is ready to be explored by you. The famous hotels offer you all kinds of amenities.

Shopping Places for Santa Ponsa Holidays Travelers

Though there are numerous local shops, here is held a weekly market where you can buy numerous things that you like. You can make a good bargain as bargaining is easy with the local shopkeepers!

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