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Santiago Holidays

Santiago is a famous and beautiful tourist destination that receives a good number of visitors throughout the year. It is the capital of Galicia that is the most favorite tourist place in the north of Spain. It lets its visitors see historical monuments and several religious places. The worldwide famous building is its Catholic Church that has a big and grand tomb.

Famous Santiago Holidays Attraction

Santiago has a plethora of attractive points and you can visit there to enjoy! Some attractions of Santiago include San Cristobel Hill, Santiago Cathedral, Santiago Centro, Museo de Santiago, Palacio Cousino and a lot more where you can go. San Cristobel Hill attracts the visitors much more as it is 1,200 feet high and it is decorated with a statue of the Virgin Mary. Tourists can go to the status by cable cars that are arranged for them. Santiago Cathedral is also another visiting place as it is considered as oldest monuments. Museo de Santiago is such a place where you can see the city’s paintings, dioramas and even models.

Top Santiago Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Santiago offers a wide range of luxurious hotels to its visitors that let you enjoy the cultural environment of the nation. In fact, you also have odds to mingle with locals who carry the cultural traits of the country. Some famous hotels in Santiago are Hyatt Regency Santiago, Marriott Santiago, Ritz Carlton, Hotel Kennedy, Hotel Presidente Santiago, Director Suites Hotel and even Santiago Park Plaza. You can find here accommodation according to your budget as there are hotels for people of very budget.

Weather in Santiago

Since Santiago has pleasant weather, you can enjoy tour here anytime. Here, summer season starts from November and ends in February. January and February are something hottest months in the country. Here, winter season begins from March to October when you can enjoy various snow games including skiing and ice trekking. Well, it depends on you when you have time to make a tour to Santiago as it welcomes you throughout the year.

Shopping Places For Santiago Holidays Travelers

Santiago is a shopping hub for people who come here from all over the world. Aleda de Vitacura is a famous outdoor marketplace where you can buy items from local artisans and hawkers. Bellavista Street Fair is also another famous market where you can buy everything at affordable prices. Some other marketplaces of the nation include Club de Amantes del Vin, Feria Santa Lucia and La Vintoeca as well. In fact, you will really enjoy shopping in Santiago as it has everything for you to take back to your family and friends.

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