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Sissi Holidays

Sissi lies on the north seashore of Crete and it is about 45 km far from the capital Heraklion. It is a well-known family resort for those who want to explore fun at here and want to relax their bodies and minds as well. It is in fact, peaceful resort that is pushed away from the leading highway and loomed by narrow winding roads. You would not face any accommodation or transportation problem here. The harbor also lies in the deep island and it is also sheltered by a broad breakwater so that the crystal-clear water can easily flow.

Famous Sissi Holidays Attraction

Since Sissi is a traditional and cultural beach resort, it offers whatever you want. It is located in the north of Crete and it is considered as a heaven for those who want to explore fun at its nice sandy beaches. With a wide range of whitewashed houses, it is gaining popularity among the beach resorts. The pier is the home to the fishing boats that is considered as a pleasing place for the tourists. Enjoy lovely holidays in Sissi.

Weather in Sissi

Since the weather is average in Sissi, it welcomes the visitors throughout the year. You can plan your holidays during summer season that is understood the most favorite weather. It is neither hot nor cool and thus, you will enjoy water sports here as per your capability.

Top Sissi Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Sissi is popular worldwide for its sandy and long beaches. Holidays in Sissi are enough popular among those looking for peace of mind and relaxation in a silent weather. The crystal clear water and sandy beach along with pine trees offer natural and attractive pictures. The most popular hotels in the resort are Aquis Vasia Beach Hotel, Hotel Anixi, Maritimo Beach, Hotel Sissi Mare, Sissi Bay Hotel and Spa and many more.

Shopping Places in Sissi

Shopping in Sissi would offer amazing fun for you. However, shopping in Sissi is limited with the holiday items and some gift items. There are found some small supermarkets that offer you local requirements, some gifts and souvenir goods as well. If you want to buy some more goods, you can make small day trip to the Heraklion village where you will find some additional items. Hence, don’t miss shopping here….

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