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Skala Kalloni Holidays

Skala Kalloni is a popular and bust tourist destination that is quite near the core of the island and this is what has made it popular in all over the world. It is enough busy during summer season, still it is a quite beach where you can find peace of mind. The beach is covered with a small village and there is also an old bakery shop that is located in the centre of the village. In fact, Skala Kalloni is famous for its best bakeries on the whole resort. Overall, it is a suitable family resort where you can explore amazing holidays along with your kids!

Famous Skala Kalloni Holidays Attraction

The sardines from the gulf of Kalloni have made it enough popular in throughout the nation as well as world. You can explore various museums, historical buildings and other monuments that have made it a worth place for holidays. The beach is extremely sandy and pleasant and you will explore great fun here. In fact, it has lots of pleasing landscapes that will catch your attention. Don’t miss visiting the coves here!

Weather in Skala Kalloni

Skala Kalloni enjoys suitable and pleasing weather throughout the year and thus, you can visit the resort anytime. Summer season is good here to enjoy various water sports along with amazing nightlife here. Visit the resort anytime that suits your needs and nature!

Top Skala Kalloni Holidays Weather and Hotels

Skala Kalloni is famous among children and families for its lovely beaches that are rocking the world of tourism. The beach is jam-packed with pine trees, olive groves and some flowers. There is also a wide range of hotels where you can stay with ease and the popular hotels in the resort are Pasiphae, Aegean Sun Hotel, Imerti Resort Hotel and many more bed and breakfast options. Book your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places for Skala Kalloni Holidays Travelers

Skala Kalloni has not big shopping scope and the small shops deal in holiday essentials and local items. You can avail here carvings, marbles, colorful pottery, leather goods, embroidered linens and jewellery as well. Well, you don’t need to forget buying something memorial items here!

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