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Sousse Holidays

Sousse is a beautiful city of Tunisia that is situated just 140 km on the south of Tunis. It is located in the central east side of the country on the Gulf of Hammamet that is known as the part of Mediterranean Sea. It is a home of beautiful resorts as people like to visit the place to enjoy its sandy beaches and crystal-clear water of the sea. The attractive part of the city is its comfortable and pleasant climate that allows everyone to visit the city anytime according to one’s suitability.

Famous Sousse Holidays Attractions

The city of Sousse has plenty of attractions that have made it famous among the tourists. The visitors can enjoy here the many more activities in trendy nightclubs, casinos, beaches and some sports activities as well. The Medina of the city of Sousse is the landmark of the city that is now a World Heritage Site declared by the UNESCO. You will also find here restaurants of all classes that will let you enjoy the local cuisines of the city.
TopSousseHolidaysBeaches and Hotels

Being a famous tourist center, Sousse has an array of luxury to normal hotels. Some hotels of the city include Le Marabout Hotel, Marhaba Beach Hotel, Tej Marhaba Hotel, Karthago El Ksar, Hotel El Menchia, Hotel Jinene And Royal Jinene and a lot more. Its beautiful beach has also worth beach resorts and hotels from where you can see the nice scenes of the seashores.

Weather in Sousse

The weather and climate of the city of Sousse is quite peaceful and welcoming. There is neither much hot nor cold and thus, you can visit the city anytime in the year. Its temperature is always equal throughout the year.

Shopping Places for Sousse Holidays Travelers

Shopping in Sousse is really an outstanding idea for shopping lovers! You can buy here the local items that are handmade. You can keep them as the memories of the place.

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