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St. James Holidays

The parish of Saint James is located in the western side of Barbados and it is a famous playground of rich and popular and ‘fun and sun’ tourist destination. It welcomes the visitors throughout the year as it enjoys a lovely and pleasing weather. It is also known as the ‘Platinum Coast’ that reflects the townships of many ostentatious beach mansions, pristine seashores, luxury hotels and numerous attractions. Though it is a heaven for tourists, it is far from exclusive and it will let you feel peace of mind.

Famous St.James Holidays Attraction

If you are planning to enjoy your holidays at a silent and eye-catching place, the St.James resort is the ideal location for you. It offers several attractive places for you and you will find it an outstanding place ever visited! The resort attracts the visitors with its three big malls that are located here. These malls are The Chattel House Village, Sunset Creek, and the West Coast Mall. The Holetown Festival is the major attraction of St.James that is annually held in February.  Royal Westmore Golf Club is another attraction of the town for those who love playing golf.

Weather in St.James

Weather is normal in St.James. You will find the months of May and June a bit hotter while the winter season let you enjoy chilled morning and evening. The resort is open to everyone the whole year and thus, you will find it a wonderful place for your holidays.

Top St.James Holidays Beaches and Hotels

St.James has big and eye-catching beach. You can enjoy sunshine lying on the golden sandy beach here. The town of St.James also offers you a wide range of hotels including Beach View, All Seasons Resort Europa, Sandy Lane Hotel, Coral Reef Club, Treasure Beach and many more. All of these hotels offer high-end facilities along with suitable accommodation.

Shopping Places for St.James Holidays Travelers

 St.James has several shopping places. It offers you three big shopping malls including The Chattel House Village, Sunset Creek, and the West Coast Mall where you will find every kind of goods. You can buy here leather items, jewellery, gift items and many more. Enjoy the tour to the Holetown of St.James.

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