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St. Lucia Holidays

Saint Lucia is an island nation in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the edge of Atlantic sea. This place is something special for holidays. It is combine a sense of wonder with complete relaxation and a lot of fun.  It is a truly interesting destination, and extremely beautiful.  It became first choice of honeymoon for couples.  Fabulous sandy beaches, luminous sunshine and sunsets, sparkling water are the main attractions in Saint Lucia.

Famous St-Lucia Holidays Attractions

Saint Lucia is an ideal place for family holidays.  This is the place where you will find the perfect beaches and amazingly beautiful tourist’s spots.  This is the place for relax and calm down after the frustration of life.  This island is most popular for those people who are interested in the gift of nature.  There you will find some beautiful walking trails in the thick forest.  Wildlife enthusiasts love the reality there you can also see different kinds of birds and other animals.

Another major tourist attraction is there that is Pigeon Island National Park.  This island is located in a mountains area consisting of forests and a bit of beautiful maintained lawns. It has an amount of historic quarters and some old stone walls. This island has a museum which tells all of its history.

 Weather in St-Lucia
The seasons of St-Lucia is not well defined.  However there is a rainy season that falls between June and November. During this season tourists should be prepared for heavy shower.  The average temperature in this area is 70 degrees Fahrenheit to upper 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity remains 70 % to 90% throughout the year on this island. December to January is the coolest months and June to August are the hottest months in St. Lucia.

 Top St-Lucia Holidays Beaches and Hotels

In St. Lucia there is variety of hotels that awaits the traveler visiting.  With so many hotels and their amenities can make your holidays perfect. All hotels and lounges have their great luxury will make your vacation superb. Hotels will provide you something to make feel like honor.

The Bay Gardens Hotel provides enjoyable nightlife and amusement options with great and beautiful golf within a short distance. Other facilities of the lounge includes refreshing swimming pool with smart and fast services. 

Every beach on the island of St. Lucia, together with the part of resorts is open to the people who come there. On the western side of the island the beaches are front to the serene water of the Caribbean Sea and are the superior for water sports and swimming. 

 Shopping Places for St-Lucia Holidays Travelers

For shopping in Saint Lucia you can buy bamboo furniture, Indian crafts, wood carvings, and other local made handicrafts in reasonable and comfortable price.  Duty free luxury items are mostly sold at the duty free shops. You can carry luxury items in good prices like jewelry, watches leather goods, perfumes, china crystal, liquor and cigarettes. There you need to keep your passport and cruise ID for duty free prices.

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