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Stalis Holidays

Stalis has become famous as a family and fun resort that is gaining name and fame due to its wonderful natural and man-made attractions. It is a tiny village located between Malia and Hersonissos on the north coast of Crete. It is a nice beach resort that attracts the visitors across the world especially from European nations. Its long and lovely beach is the main reason of its popularity that has numerous bars, tavernas and restaurants here. You can reach to the resort within a few minutes from the airport of Nikos Kazantsakis in Heraklion.

Famous Stalis Holidays Attractions

Stalis attracts the visitors with its numerous bars, restaurants, and a blend of nationalities. It offers the ideal beginning points by its central geographical location that allows the visitors to visit its nearby villages too. Its long beaches allow tourists to explore more fun through several water sports offered by the resort. If you want to enjoy nightlife here, you will need to visit Malia or Hersonissos that are its neighbors.

Weather in Stalis

Stalis enjoys cool and normal weather. It is neither enough hot during summer nor cool during winter season. Well, you can visit the resort throughout the year that suits you utmost. It is open to everyone anytime!

Top Stalis Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The beach at Stalis is eye-catching and divided into two parts. One of the beach parts extends from the western corner of the bay to the Anthoussa Hotel and another one from the Anthoussa Hotel to Malia. You can enjoy everywhere! There are lots of hotels for you that will satisfy your accommodation requirement. The most sought after hotels in Stalis are Anastasia Hotel, Nikos Apartments, Rainbow Apartments, La Luna Apartments, Blue Sea Bunglows & Beach Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places in Stalis

Though it is village, shopping is limited with some gift items, souvenir and holiday essentials. If you want to buy something special from here, you will need to visit its neighbor villages including Malia and Hersonissos. Have a wonderful holiday tour to Stalis!

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