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Svoronata Holidays

Svoronata lies on the southwest coast of the island of Kefalonia and it is just 4 miles away from the lovely resort of Argostoli that is located to south. Moreover, Lassi is also a neighbor resort of Svoronata and thus, it covers a central position for its guests. The resort is full of peace and its lovely golden beach is covered with olive groves and fields that are full of flowers. The village of Svoronata is only one mile far from the main island that has several unique landscapes for you. Go to Svoronata that is full of attraction!

Famous Svoronata Holidays Attraction

With stunning and golden beaches, Svoronata is rocking the world of tourism. It has a water park for children where they can explore more and more fun. Avithos is a famous beach of Svoronata that is ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy sunny and funny days. You can even take sunbathe here and sunsetting is famous here, since the resort is developing with a rapid speed, it offers numerous attractions for visitors.

Weather in Svoronata

Being located on the island of Kefalonia, Svoronata enjoys pleasing and suitable weather. It enjoy nearly 300 sun days. The normal temperature ranges from twenty to thirty and thus, you can go to Svoronata as per your suitability.

Top Svoronata Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Svoronata has Avithos beach that is wonderful with its golden sands and its beautiful remains have made it more and more charming and attractive. If you are thinking about finding a worth accommodation option, the resort of Svoronata is apt choice for you. The most sought after hotels in Svoronata are known as Sotiris Studios, Avithos Resort, Pythos Studios Hotel, Sandy Beach Villas and Apartments and many more.

Shopping Places for Svoronata Holidays Travelers

Svoronata offers unique and ample chances of shopping for its guests. If you want to keep something as reminder, you can buy here leather goods, embroidered things, handmade items, soaps made from olive trees and many more. Well, enjoy shopping here and if you don’t satisfy here, you can also visit the nearby resorts to quench your thirst of shopping!

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