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Tingaki Holidays

Tingaki is located ten km to the west of Kos Town and six km far from Marmari that is located on the northwest seashore of Kos Town. It has a long and popular beach that is enough beautiful with lovely pine trees and olive trees. The north westerly breezes have made it popular and thus, you will find it a suitable place that has everything for its every visitor. Well, a holiday in Tingaki will be more relaxing and comfy and you will enjoy pleasing holidays here.

Famous Tingaki Holidays Attraction

The beach is the major attraction of Tingaki and you can enjoy better holidays here. The sand shelves and crystal-clear water of sea will please you and thus, you will relax your minds and bodies as well. The travelers can also enjoy several water sports including wind surfing and sailing as well. The facility of worth accommodation has made Tingaki quite popular and you will explore fun here.

Weather in Tingaki

Tingaki has nice and charming weather that will please not only your body but your soul as well. The western breezes will attract your mind very much; the most explored weather here is summer when you can enjoy pleasing days. Go to resort of Tingaki anytime!

Top Tingaki Holidays Beaches and Hotels    

The beaches have made Tingaki more and more famous in all over the world. The golden sand along with blue crystal clear water has made it popular among holidaymakers. Well, there is also a wide range of hotels to solve your accommodation requirement. The most famous hotels in Tingaki are Tingaki beach hotel and so on. Visit the resort and book your hotel in advance to avoid any hassle.

Shopping Places for Tingaki Holidays Travelers   

Tingaki shopping is limited with petite supermarkets that offer holiday essentials and some local items. If you wish, you can make a trip to Kos Town where you will find several shops to buy some additional goods. The popular items here are leather goods, gifts, jewellery, ceramics and other items as well. enjoy shopping here!

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