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Varadero Holidays

Since Varadero is the biggest beach resort of Cuba, there is no wonder to say so that holidays here will offer true fun. It is located on a 12 mile long isthmus with striking white sandy beaches that has crystal clear blue water. When you plan to visit any Cuban holiday resort, you can freely think about Varadero that has sweet and breezing climate. The best feature about the amazing Varadero beach resort is that it is not enough commercialized and thus, if you want to go to a silent beach resort, it will be the ideal match for you.

Famous Varadero Holidays Attraction

Varadero is becoming a popular holiday beach resort among the visitors. It attracts the visitors with its frequent sunshine, stunning tropical beaches, and other resort attractions. It offers you odds for sunbathing, water sports, and even playing golf in Varadero. It is also packed with natural wonders including Bellamar Caves, and nearby islands that can be explored by you. After sun setting in Varadero, you can also find famous cabarets including Tropicana Matanzas to visit. In a nutshell, Varadero is an outstanding tourist destination in many ways.

Weather in Varadero

The weather of Varadero doesn’t stop you enjoying water and other sports activities. Varadero enjoys nearly 330 sunny days every year and thus, it attracts the European visitors who seek ‘Sun and Fun’ days. Its annual temperature ranges between 25 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius.

Top Varadero Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Though Varadero is a popular beach resort, its beaches are lovely that win the attention of visitors. Varadero has numerous hotels that represent many standards. The popular hotels include Paradisus Varadero, Sol Palmeras, Melia Las Antillas, Melia Las Americas, Blau Varadero Hotel Cuba and many more hotels.

Shopping Places for Varadero Holidays Travelers

Though there is held no weekly market, you can find here numerous local shops scattered in the whole resort. These shops offer you all holiday essentials and other gift items. The leather items, handicrafts of the resort are popular among the visitors. Shopping in Varadero is also accessible for reminders and beachware.

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