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Varca Holidays

The Varca beach resort is one of the popular tourist destinations and it is not so much popular as the beach of Goa. However, the beach resort is enough popular for its charming natural landscapes. The lovely white sandy beach is the major attraction of the resort that will let you feel great enjoyment here. It is considered as the silent beach resort and you will love it very much! It is a popular family beach resort, hence, plan your holidays now!

Famous Varca Holidays Attraction

The palm-trees covered beach has made Varca more and more attractive among the visitors. It lets you feel fresh breeze that will remove your hassles in no times. Apart from this, the white sandy beach offers you plenty of water sports including jet skiing, paragliding and other sports as well. The clear water of the sea will bring peace of mind for you.

Weather in Varca

Weather and climate of Varca is cool and charming and it will make your holidays pleasing. The beach resort enjoys about 300 sunny days and thus, you will feel no hassle here. The most visited season is summer season when you can visit the resort. Go to Varca anytime.

Top Varca Holidays Beaches and Hotels

Varca boasts its lovely white sandy beaches that are full of natural beauty. You can enjoy sunset at this place that is the major attraction of the resort. Well, in order to find worth accommodation, you don’t need to worry as Varca also offers you plenty of hotels, such as Club Mahindra Varca Beach, Radisson White Sands Resort, Goa Beach House, Colonia Jose’ Menino Resort, Bissmark Hotel and many more.

Shopping Places for Varca Holidays Travelers

If you are crazy for shopping, Varca is a perfect place for you. Here, you can buy everything from local brands to international brands. The popular items of the Varca resort are handicraft items, Indian sarees, jewellery and other gift items. Buy something to keep as reminder!

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