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Pefkohori Holidays

Pefkohori is located on the peninsula of Kassandra and it is known as the paradise for those who want to enjoy sun days at lovely beaches. It has tremendous attractions for visitors including normal climate, the superb natural surroundings, and beautiful beaches and warm welcoming nature of its inhabitants. There is also a market that offers you everything to bring them back to your home.

Famous Pefkohori Holidays Attraction

People like to visit the place that is full of natural beauty along with several manmade items. It has a big market that is the core attraction of the resort and here you will be able to buy several goods to take them back. The fresh fragrance of flowers and pine forests has made the resort popular and if you want to enjoy amazing days under natural beauty, it is the worthwhile place for you. Don’t miss its natural attractions!

Weather in Pefkohori

Since it enjoys Meditternean climate, you will find its weather welcoming throughout the year. It enjoys nearly 300 days of sunshine and thus, it is a perfect place for sunseekers. However, the average temperature here moves between 18 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius. Have fun in any season!

Top Pefkohori Holidays Beaches and Hotels

The resort of Pefkohori is well-known for its sandy and eye-catching beaches that let you enjoy sunny days with the fragrance of flowers and pine trees. The nice and lovely picturesque attracts the visitors very much. There is found an array of hotels that offer outstanding accommodation facilities. Alia Palace Hotel, Diana Hotel, Hotel Rigakis and Pelli Hotel are some of the popular hotels of the resort. It will good for you to book your hotel in advance!

Shopping Places in Pefkohori

Pefkohori offers a wide range of small shops along with small supermarkets where you can buy whatever you like. You can buy here leather goods, handicraft items, holiday essentials and other things to keep as memories of your journey! Your tour to Pefkohori will be one of the excellent tours!

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